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Free Wallpaper – Firework Nebula

Posted on: April 26th, 2012 by Alex No Comments
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It had been few days since I opened Photoshop or Illustrator so I decided to throw together a wallpaper real fast. I started with the color palette I use on my site and arranged the colors into circles.

Then I started playing with how the colored circles interacted and ended up with a star pattern. It sorta looked like a planet in the middle.

I started a new file and placed many of the start patterns together until a design started to appear.

Took that design into photoshop. Made two layers of it. Colored one more blue and cool tones, and then the other more orange and warm. Together they merged back into my original color palette.

Listen to Caravan Palace

Posted on: April 25th, 2012 by Alex No Comments

One of my favorite things on earth are robots. More about that later because I’d also like to mention my love for swing music — especially if that “swing” is actually French Electroswing and Gypsy Jazz. Below I’ve included some videos of a band that is exactly a mixture of the above, plus some. Caravan Palace is a great mixture of robots, France, and silent porn.

Check out their video “Suzy”

Listen to their jam “Beatophone”

Music video “Jolie Coquine”

They sound awesome. Here they are on Spotify.

Want to see more robots? Check out the robot mascot I made for Clockwork Tech.

Small Encapsulated Worlds

Posted on: April 24th, 2012 by Alex No Comments

Going through my feeds I’ve noticed that the blogosphere has recently been getting excited about things in jars. I approve of this trend and find little encapsulated worlds and environments to be both exciting and thought provoking. I began to collect all the cool bottles, jars, and salt shakers as I saw them scroll past. Now that I’ve collected a good sampling, I’d like to share my best finds with you.


Bio-Dome — Mac Nettles

These professionally crafted bio-domes from Mac Nettles are absolutely stunning. Follow the link to see the artist’s portfolio bio-domes including some with kettle tops.

Mosser | ISO50

NY based designer Jennica Johnstone and Noah Atkinson threw together simple elements to create Mosser. Mosser is hand cultivated by the artists and requires minimal upkeep. Read more about Mosser on ISO50.


This example is a bit more abstract than the others but allows for the dome to encapsulate any of your treasures from rocks to door knobs. This further proves that anything looks awesome contained to itself.

Free Project Friday: Mushroom Terrarium | Lark Crafts

Yep, my mind is still on mushrooms. Once I’m moved and settled I’m going to tackle this craft. The tutorial looks pretty simple, and the end result is both kitsch and adorable.

Sunshine in a Bottle: Consol’s Solar Jar Captures the Sun’s Rays and Lights Up at Night | Inhabitat

You may think that this jar is completely empty, but ponder again! Check out these stylish bottled sunshine creations. Inhabitat explains how these self sustaining jars can light up your next evening BBQ.

Live British Soldier Mini Terrarium Shaker Moss Cladonia Lichens — Etsy user AppalachianEmporium

I actually bought this one for Andrew along with other starter materials from Etsy seller AppalacianEmporium so that Andrew could create a terrarium of his own. No longer do you have to imagine what could take over your salt shaker, the answer was moss cladonia lichens!

Cicada Wing Pendant SP2 — Etsy user silentcheesecake

Maybe not as cute as the other capsules, this one is more scientifically fascinating. Create a little myth about where this wing came from and give it to a young member of the family.

A super tiny jellyfish in a tiny bottle L USD — Etsy user Tinyworldinabottle

 I would love to get a ton of the art pieces from Etsy seller Tinyworldinabottle. Each bottle is more intricate than the last! I especially love their dinosaur collections.

There you have it. My favorite small worlds. If you’re still craving one more microcosm then check out how I encapsulated nostalgia.

There’s A Lot To Learn About Fungus

Posted on: April 18th, 2012 by Alex No Comments

Mushrooms are pretty cool, but also very mysterious and alien-like to many. For some reason, I’ve been on a mushroom binge of sorts where I’ve spent a lot of time lately learning about mushrooms. I recently stumbled upon this awesome TED Talk by Jae Rhim Lee explaining why she plans to be buried in a mushroom spore suit. She created the suit to essentially eat and compost her body. This is much more ecological and environmentally friendlier than any of the currently available alternatives.

I learned from the “docurama” entitled “Know Your Mushrooms” that using mushrooms to clean up other things is actually what they do best. The short film (seen at Hulu in its entirety) explains many facets of the mushroom kingdom (ahh pun) and how mushrooms do a lot for us. As an example, one part of the documentary shows how oyster mushrooms can be used to clean up oil spills. Not only do the mushrooms absorb the toxic substances, they actually eliminate them. This means that the oyster mushrooms are completely safe to eat after they, themselves, had a delicious meal of fossil fuel.

So go ahead, start researching mushrooms. They’re rather fascinating! While you’re add it, show off your pride with a custom mushroom flask. Cheers!

Three Quirky Adverts

Posted on: April 17th, 2012 by Alex No Comments

Good ads don’t always have to be flashy or dramatic. These three ads that I’ve found are simple and quirky.

EDF Energy Feel Better Energy TV advert

EDF energy introduced Keepon as a new character for the brand promoting EDF’s new Blue+Price Promise tariff – its first 100 per cent nuclear-backed tariff. Keepon, a YouTube sensation seen here, has been licensed to the brand.

This “advert” was created by AMV BBDO in the UK. Check out their showreel here.

Oh, and incase you found the tune to be as catchy as I did, it’s Together in Electric Dreams by Philip Oakey and producer Giorgio Moroder.

Wes Anderson’s Stop-Motion Sony Xperia™ TV Ad – “Made of Imagination”

“The Made of Imagination global campaign, which was developed with agency partners, McCann Worldgroup, PHD and LBi, embodies Xperia’s unique approach to design and entertainment experiences offered within the world of Sony.” (Eurodroid)

I love robots so I was sold from the beginning. Wes Anderson does a very imaginative and delightful animation using techniques he utilizes in Fantastic Mr. Fox. To top it all off, Jonsi, from Sigur Ros, provides the music.

Great Moments in Trying Stuff: Angry Cat

Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners (BSSP) is now on my radar thanks to their “Great Moments in Trying Stuff” campaign for Columbia Sportswear. Seen above, your cat needs “Omni-Dry with Omni-Wick Evap” lest you have a wet cat. There are a few other ads in this campaign: Sweaty Buns, Mesh Tank Top, and Five-Bean Salad

Trollhättan IMC

Posted on: April 17th, 2012 by Alex No Comments

Big idea: Get Native with the Local Sweden

Copy Writing/Media and Interactive Strategy: Alexander Parker
Art Direction: Michele Weiner
Client: Travel Trollhättan
Brief: Promote Trollhättan as a cosy and scenic vacation destination for those after a not-so-cookie-cutter trip.
Target: Men and Women, Age 45-65, Upper middle class, VALS 2 Achievers/Experiencers

View full campaign here.

View full campaign here.

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