Art Direction: Alexander Parker
Copy Writing: Michele Weiner
Photography: Chris New
Talent: Jackie Yu, Dhymond Nicholls, Alison Bushor, Ana Maria Restrepo Zuleta

Not everyone wants to down a tall can of battery acid. VUKA is a different, all-natural energy drink that touts rejuvenation and wellness, rather than raw energy and excitement. Through this campaign school project we targeted the working female or stay-at-home mom who rarely has the time to think of herself. We wanted to take care of the caregiver. Using the brand’s South African vibe and adhering the brand to mall walking subculture, the campaign seeks for VUKA to corner the market of healthful, low-impact energy beverages.

** I have been asked by VUKA LLC to clearly state that this work was student work and not actually created for the VUKA brand. Any use of the VUKA name, logo, or product likeness are used purely as “a reproduction by a teacher or student of a small part of a work to illustrate a lesson”, under the limitations of “fair use” from title 17, U.S. Code. Myself and my classmates were not sponsored nor directly affiliated to VUKA LCC. This work was completed as an assignment at SCAD in the course ADVE 334.