Your friendly neighborhood sunblock guy!
I'm MrSunBlock—a nearly naked dude who walks around Dolores park and other San Francisco hot spots shielding the weary from the sun's warm embrace. The sunblock is always FREE, all you have to do is ask! Peak at #MrSunBlock for more.

Donate to MrSunBlock

The sunblock is always 100% FREE! However, I do pay for it out of pocket. If you'd like to help me spray the park, throw me a few bucks here. Don't have cash? No problem! I also love beer, or a smile and a thank you. :D

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To donate via Venmo use @MrSunBlock

Workout Dart Board

Shape up your SunBlock body with a fun workout game from MrSunBlock. Turn your daily workout into a game by throwing darts at the illustrated exercises. Throw at least two darts—the first at an exercise, the second at the number of reps. Then work it out! Too easy? Brighten up your workout by throwing more darts! Features five exercises.

Print out the PDF for free or commit to your SunBlock body and purchase the MrSunBlock poster with included darts for only a couple bucks.

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Always FREE Sunblock

If you see MrSunBlock all you have to do is ask. The sunblock is 100% FREE! I exist to protect you from a bad time, and cash in the park should never get in the way of that. If you want to donate here on the site to help mw spray the whole park then you are more than welcome to, but it is never required. Either way, if you like MrSunBlock then please tell the internet by using #MrSunBlock in your next post.

Product Sponsors

Right now MrSunBlock is a one-man operation. I pay for the sunblock out of my own pocket because I love San Francisco and want to show you how much that's true. Occasionally sunblock brands will send me free sunblock samples to add to the MrSunBlock belt—If that's ever the case, you'll know it!

Can MrSunBlock come to my event, or advertise my brand?

Let’s chat about it! Shoot me a quick email right here, please.

The MrSunBlock Backstory

It all started with a really whacky sunburn I got all over my body on a hot day in Dolores park. Even when visiting the park with friends, you weren't always guaranteed that one of your buddies would remember the sunblock! I saw an opportunity for something amazing, and with a little help from my friends, we came up with the idea of MrSunBlock to save the day.

It’s a joy to make people happy. The only thing earned out of being MrSunBlock is knowing that your day is made a little brighter. Suddenly everyone in Dolores park and other parts of San Francisco are my best friends, and who doesn't love that?

Can't make it to the park? Follow along with the MrSunBlock story as it unfolds on social media.

Life Outside the Park

MrSunBlock is a real person with a real life outside of this park persona. Due to security reasons, I can't tell you too much about my alter ego who pays the bills, but I can tell you that he also exists to give the world amazing things for free. My real name is Alex and I'm an Art Director for a large company downtown. MrSunBlock is a way for me to explore branding concepts in a fun way, while also making the most of my free time in Dolores park. If you're curious to find out more, shoot me an email.

Hours of Operation

If it’s real warm and sunny out then you can probably find MrSunBlock in Dolores on Saturdays between 2-4pm but it all depends on whether or not @KarltheFog is loitering nearby. If Karl’s gone, let me know by tweeting @MrSunBlock.

Occasionally you might find me in other areas of the city as well. Follow me for notifications about where I'll be.

Contact MrSunBLock

I understand you might still have a lot of questions unanswered. If you'd like to learn more, or have ideas to make the MrSunBlock idea better, then please shoot me an email right away!

You can also contact me directly via social networks.