Hey there, I’m Alexander. I’m an Art Director and Designer based out of San Francisco, CA where I create all sorts of sick designs for some of your favorite brands.

Here’s a brief history:

Age 15, pestered classmates to buy weird shirts I had designed. 16, landed my first part time job in the advertising industry as a Graduate Assistant for the head of marketing at a University. 17, moved to Savannah, GA to attend SCAD. There, I majored in Advertising with an additional focus on Business & Entrepreneurship. 18, became real friendly with the photography and fashion kids—the launch of my short lived modeling career. 19, was selected by faculty to work alongside Andre 3000 on his fashion brand identity. 20, interned in New York City at Deutsch, where my face was used for an Outback Steakhouse web banner.

21-23, upon graduating, drove across the country with some friends to live in Oakland, CA. Then moved to San Francisco and freelanced as an Art Director for cool places like DDB, Kiip, Mekanism, Publicis Hal Riney, and more. 24, hired as Art Director on the Brand team at Credit Karma. 25, helped to launch the new Credit Karma visual identity, Credit Karma Tax, and Credit Karma in Canada. 26, quit the Credit Karma job and went back to freelancing, this time for Havas and an online studio called Made. 27, shifted gears towards starting my own design group, while still working with some of the coolest brands ever.

Interested in working together? Shoot me an email at alex@buyalex.com