The LittleBigFund

The LittleBigFund was an original and exciting way for nonprofits to share their stories. Each month, members of the LittleBigFund would donate a small amount and vote on which of the three featured nonprofits they believe deserved the entire LittleBigFund. Together their small donations made a big difference when at the end of the month the nonprofit with the most votes received the entire LittleBigFund. Take a look using the Wayback Machine

  • Site Design and Parallax Scroll Story
    Working with vector art, javascript, CSS, and other front-end know-how I designed an interactive parallax scroll story to explain the concept of the LittleBigFund to new visitors. Users are greeted with big beautiful imagery which helped to communicate the stories of amazing nonprofits. I provided front-end design and coding. Back-end design and development as well as making all the gears spin correctly was done by the very talented Paul Spoerry.
  • Telling Their Stories
    The LittleBigFund is all about the stories of each featured nonprofit. This meant that the site needed to support a lot of text and big imagery that would change on a regular basis. With the help of a few parallax tricks and a unique layout, we managed to create an engaging and hyper-visual experience for each engrossing story. Take a look