Sriracha IMC

Art Direction/Photography/Copy Writing: Alexander Parker
Copy Writing: Michele Weiner

Using real Huy Fong sriracha, a delicious chili and garlic sauce, headlines were written in conspicuous areas detailing stories of spicy sabotage. This school project was an exploration in taking back control of brand ownership.

Sriracha has been around for a while, but Huy Fong doesn’t ever advertise. That means that Huy Fong could risk losing their leadership as the #1 sriracha brand in the US. As more and more people discover the delicious burning sensation, less people know siriracha as “Huy Fong” and more as “Cock Sauce” or simply just “sriracha”. This campaign acted as my proposal for the first steps to reigning in control of the Huy Fong brand.

The campaign worked by churning spicy sabotage stories that elicit fiery emotions comparable to the burning sensation of the sweet and spicy Huy Fong sriracha sauce. One presented example were real rewards of micro-burns (sample sized Huy Fong bottles) sent to twitter users for tweets detailing stories of emotional burns. Another example was a sabotaged Aston Martin speeding around town, as if an angry girlfriend had caught her partner doing something naughty. Through a variety of marketing channels, users were led to the new Huy Fong website where they could read more spicy sabotage stories or even submit their own.

The goal of this campaign was to establish a library of fan culture, love, and insight for the Huy Fong brand to use in future promotions.